Bodor Laser – Reasons Why Bodor Laser Machines Are So Popular

Bodor Laser - Reasons Why Bodor Laser Machines Are So Popular

There are many reasons to choose a Bodor laser machine, including its productivity and efficiency. Bodor machines are fully covered and have a working area of 3000 x 1500 mm. Fiber laser cutting machines, for example, are the most popular choice, as they are equipped with an automatic nozzle changer and touchscreen with dual HD cameras. Some Bodor models also include wireless remote control handles. With the S-series sheet cutting machines, you can also choose from a larger working area and a higher power source.


While Bodor laser machines are affordable and reliable, few factors to consider when purchasing one. First, you need to decide how often you will be using your laser. Depending on your needs, you might only need it a few times per week or every day. Another important factor to consider is the brand. Choosing a brand with a good reputation is better. This way, you are assured of getting a high-quality machine with good customer service.


Another good thing about Bodor laser machines is they are durable. These machines can work effectively for several years. However, you’ll need to take care of this machine regularly.


The adaptability of Bodor laser machines is based on smart control features. The laser head, for instance, can be configured to work at different focal lengths. The autofocus function automatically adjusts the cutting position, minimizing the chance of operator error and reducing 90% of the cutting time. The closed-loop gas pressure control system stabilizes cutting quality through automatic pressure adjustments in real-time. It also has built-in safety measures to prevent collisions with workpieces.

These machines can meet the requirements of different industries:

Among the benefits of Bodor, machines are their reliability and durability. The Bodor company operates one of the world’s largest super factories, with a production facility covering 27 000 square meters. In addition, there’s a 3600-square-meter R&D center, and more than 1700 employees, including researchers and engineers. With a wide range of models, Bodor laser machines meet the requirements of different industries.

The Bodor laser is a fiber laser cutting machine that is commonly used for a variety of applications. These laser cutting machines are perfect for billboards, advertising, LED letters, ironware, kitchenware, and other metal crafts and art ware. They can also be used for cutting elevator panels, auto parts, and glass frames. The cost of these machines depends on the specific model that you purchase. But even for those on a tight budget, they are well worth the money.