Which Needles Are Used For Permanent Makeup?

Which Needles Are Used For Permanent Makeup?

Permanent makeup supplies in Canada often come in different sizes and shapes. Typically, round liners, shaders, flats, and slopes are used, with different combinations of these configurations available. Needles with different diameters are used for different applications. In addition, needles with different silver coatings are used for different procedures. Read on to learn more about the different types of permanent makeup needles. In addition to needle diameters, other factors to consider when choosing permanent makeup supplies include size, type, and the number of needles in each grouping.

Sharp needles:

In terms of aesthetics, sharp needles are preferred for tattoos because they prick better than dull ones. The ink will vary depending on the objective when it comes to tattooing. A sharp needle pricks the skinless and leaves fewer bruises. Moreover, sharp needles are easier to work with since they do not cause any backflow of pigments.

Optima cartridges:

Optima cartridges are designed to accommodate the most common tattoo machines. Although these will not fit PMU devices, they are compatible with most tattoo machines. Kwadron Optima cartridges are made with a full safety membrane that prevents cross-contamination and ink/blood backflow. These are also available in five-count and three-count sizes. Here are some other benefits of using Kwadron Optima needles for permanent makeup.

Vertix Nano cartridges:

Vertix Nano Cartridge Needles are disposable and designed for use in tattooing and permanent makeup applications. These needles come in curved magnum and tight liner styles. Each of these needles is coated with a patented safety membrane that reduces ink flex. The curved magnum style is perfect for fine lining and comes with a patent sticker. Vertix Nano Cartridge Needles are good for anyone who wants a natural, smudge-free finish.

Magnum double flat needles:

There are different kinds of permanent makeup needles. Some are made for shading and contouring, while others are used for lining the lips. The needles used for these procedures are high-end and feature surgical steel construction and super-precision tips. When selecting a needle for a specific procedure, the number of points, spacing, and “shape” should be considered. Some needles are more precise than others and work better for certain techniques than others. These are some of the most known needles for getting a tattoo.